What is Art?

I read this article today titled “What Is Art? What is an Artist? Here is the link to the article: What is Art? What is an Artist?

I initially just wanted to read what other individuals who enjoy the “Art World” as much as I do thought but it inspired me to start filling up my blog.

It reminded me of what I think Art is, and how as an Artist I feel responsible to answer the questions “What is Art? What is an Artist?” I felt responsibility sink in when I graduated with a degree in Art. Does that make me an artist? Does that qualify me to answer these questions? In most people’s eyes it does. I think that the opinion that counts though is your own; do you think that you are an artist? And I had to answer with a resounding yes. Yes, I am an Artist. However, it is not the degree that makes me an Artist. I think that most days it is my love for Art that makes me an Artist, my appreciation for other Artists even if I do not like their Art.

They say that the critics are the ones that define Artists, but all of us can be critics. We just all have to have the gumption to speak up and say what we like and why.

One thing in the article reminds me of the often-idealistic view that people have of the exact rendering of reality. Yes, exact rendering of reality is Art. However, that does not mean that when something is not exact reality that it is not Art as well. My Dad is a great Artist in my eyes and he is one of those Artists who render Art as exact reality. Being my mentor of sorts he of course was always trying to help me render that exact reality. I remember the day that I told him that it does not always have to be exactly what he sees, and that I see if differently. I was surprised that he accepted that, not that I do not have to remind him from time to time, but he respects my Creativity.

I guess that is what Art is about and maybe that was the point of the article. The writer was accused of saying that everyone was an Artist, and maybe everyone is. Some of us know it and some of us do not, and maybe it is just recognition of Creativity.

Well to sum up my rambling opinion I will share some of my thoughts from a statement that I had to write:

Art is an ideal, an ideal that can be found in everyone. An ideal that be

understood by everyone — All in a different way, at a different time.


Art to me is a disparate, yet constantly metamorphosing ideal. — Iveta



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